Our Communications Services

Crisis Communications

Every crisis is unique and requires experience, fearlessness, prudence and creativity. We have decades of experience in media, corporate management and crisis response. Our formula: listen intently, gather information, recommend a course of action, then move decisively.

Public Relations

Advocacy. Fundraising. Politics. Diplomacy. The descriptors of public relations are endless. We have award-winning writing experience and contacts throughout the Florida corporate, media and business spheres to help make sure the right message finds the right people in the right place at the right time.


To stand out in an increasing crowded landscape, you have to know who you are. We help brands uncover and express what makes them unique. With a wide range of experience from small, local brands to some of the most iconic brands in the world, we’ll help to hone-in on the right positioning, message, and voice to build relevancy and connect with customers.  

Content Creation

Today, more than ever, content is a conqueror. As the reliance on mass media wanes, creating compelling, needle-moving content – and then knowing how to deploy it in non-traditional and unexpected ways to reach and audience and accomplish clear objectives – can be the most effective marketing tool on the planet.

Strategic Counsel

One advantage of dealing with a firm whose president led a 100-plus person, $18 million operation is that we understand the challenges of developing a corporate strategy. We also understand managing a large operation with experience across multiple industries in the private and public sector. Our team can evaluate your current strategic objectives and help you chart a new course.